The Top Enemies of Peace and How to Resolve Inner Conflict

by Manal Ghosain on February 28, 2015

Sun and Clouds

In the physical world we can’t have peace if we’re involved in conflict and war. Violence leaves behind a trail of devastation, from the loss of life to economic ruin.

The same thing applies to our inner world. We can’t feel at peace if we’re experiencing inner conflict and waging wars against our life’s situations, or emotions.

We see negative emotions and habitual limiting behaviors and beliefs as the enemy. We either fight with all we’ve got, or we give up (unconsciously) and allow the old programming to run unabated.

And to complicate the issue, the inner enemies may not be known to us. We feel the conflict but we don’t know where it’s coming from. This is the case when we’re not facing a major life-altering situation but we still feel uneasy.

Let’s start by looking at the major enemies of inner peace.

The top 5 enemies of inner peace

Peacefulness is a state of complete surrender and absence of struggle. If you’re not feeling calm and at ease in this moment, what’s troubling you? What’s stopping you from having peace right now?

The answers will vary because of our unique circumstances. Dealing with an illness, a loss of a loved one, the dissolution of a relationship, or financial difficulties can result in more anxiety and pain. But what about the rest of the time, do we feel more peace or do we find something to stress about?

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