Have you ever met a child who wasn’t curious about something?

Children make me think of curiosity as an innate tendency, or an evolutionary impulse, that is part of who we are.

We all get curious about one thing or another (unless we’re in an apathetic emotional state). But sometimes our curiosity harms more than helps, or depresses more than encourages.

From looking into my own behavior, my curiosity usually fits into one of the following three types.

1- The good

Good curiosity is what leads us to explore and learn. Most of humanity’s discoveries and advances were probably the result of curiosity.

Good curiosity is:

Playful and nonjudgmental: We explore for the sake of exploration and see where it takes us. It’s not about impressing others, or chasing achievement.

A teacher: We learn from trying to answer the questions posed by curiosity. Even when the outcomes don’t meet our expectations, or we deem the experiment a failure, we still learn and grow from it.

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