On Contentment and Ambition: A Food and Hunger Analogy

by Manal Ghosain on January 25, 2015


“Contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.” ~Arabic proverb

Contentment is all we need to live a rich and peaceful life … if only!

How can we experience contentment when everything around us screams: Don’t settle; you can be more, and do more?

We’ve been programmed to seek and do, to learn, to innovate, to create, to experience. The notion that we are satisfied with our life as it is doesn’t cut it. It feels dull, or lazy. We’ve been told that dissatisfaction is good. It gets us off our butts and pushes us to want more and achieve more.

Modern day living looks at contentment as an outcome, not a way of life. The thing that gets all the attention (the superstar of success and achievement) is: ambition.

If we’re always seeking more, how can we be satisfied with the life we have?

Which comes first contentment or ambition? Can we have both?

Can we be satisfied with life as it is and still have dreams we want to fulfill?

My heart says yes. My mind is programmed to believe that ambition leads to results, which bring contentment. This way of thinking doesn’t work most of the times (since I fail more than I succeed).

In order to create a shift in thinking, I needed to look at things differently. The idea of a simple food analogy came to mind. We’ll use hunger and food to explore contentment and ambition.

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