Dancing in the Rain, Dancing with Life

by Manal Ghosain on November 23, 2014

Dance with Life

“If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain.” ~Unknown

Rain can be romantic, cleansing and invigorating—mostly in movies and our imagination. Experiencing rain, on the other hand (especially when it goes on for days on end), means one thing to most of us: gray skies and dark moods.

It’s quite tempting to hide behind the grim moody skies and wallow in negativity.

We can’t avoid the rain, and we can’t change the weather. Yet we complain and wait for the sun, as if complaining could brighten the mood of the skies. Our attempts to bend reality to suit our wishes result in one thing only: suffering.

Our lives go through seasons and change, just like the weather—coldness and warmth, sunshine and rain, storms and calm, spring and fall.

We can’t avoid the rain in our life situations the same way we can’t avoid the rain from the heavens.

When we experience the heaviness and darkness of our challenges and setbacks, it’s tempting to want to hide and avoid the issue, or complain and dwell in negativity, hoping to push the rain of our challenges away.

No amount of resistance, complaining or wishing ever brought in sunshine, why do we expect it to work in our life situations?

Can we learn to dance with life when it’s raining, instead of waiting for the sunshine?

Choosing to dance

What if when it rains, we put on our shoes and dance for a few minutes? We tap our feet onto the wet grounds, we feel the splash of rain on our skin … we take it all in. We allow the rain to replenish our hearts and souls as it replenishes the earth.

Would we care then how long the rain lasts, or when we’ll see the sun again?

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