When Blessings Turn into Problems

by Manal Ghosain on October 23, 2014

blessingHaving a place to call home is a blessing—and a major one at that. We all need shelter and safety. And a little bit of comfort won’t hurt either.

But sometimes the blessings can bring countless headaches. I mentioned in a previous article having to deal with water damage issues. Such issues started a chain of events that were not anticipated or desired.

After the few mishaps at my parents’ home, I decided to do some preventative maintenance in my own home. I had talked to a trustworthy plumber, and he came and did the work.

The maintenance items revealed a few hidden issues that are, thankfully, aesthetic, not structural. But once I knew they were there, I started looking for every little imperfection and started to obsess.

Instead of feeling grateful that I have a home, I felt anxious and the worry kept mounting with every new observation—in other words, a blessing turned into a problem.

It’s the same house, the minor things were always there, but now that’s all I can think about.

This article is my attempt to release the mental and emotional tension, and shift back to a calmer state of being. If you’ve had a similar experience, I hope you find the following ideas useful.

Why do we turn a blessing into a problem?

Owning a home is a blessing, especially if you manage your finances well, and pay your mortgage within a reasonable timeframe. It can be a good investment. And a well maintained home is even better.

But this ownership brought me pain and worry that I’d rather not have. When I looked behind the pain, three reasons came up.

1- Emotional investment

Once we make a decision to take ownership of something, we develop an emotional attachment to it. As you know, when emotions take over, logic and common sense go out the window.

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